Introduction to the most complete types of baby strollers in 2024

There are many types of baby strollers on the market. As a new parent, you are always overwhelmed when choosing a stroller. You might as well understand the classification of strollers first. Different types of strollers have different focuses. Only by understanding clearly, you can choose the best stroller for your baby.

Main types of baby strollers

Depending on the number of seats, strollers are divided into regular and double strollers, the latter of which is often used by mothers of twins.

First, let’s look at single strollers. Generally, they can be divided into standard size strollers, umbrella strollers, jogging strollers, and travel systems.

1. Standard stroller
types of baby strollers -standard baby stroller

It is characterized by being large, heavy and stable.

This is a standard stroller that can be used by babies up to 6 months old and can fold up to 150 degrees, essentially allowing you to lie down. You don’t have to worry about it being completely flat until 180°. This type of car usually has a large backrest and is suitable for long trips with babies. You can keep a close eye on the size and width of the wheels. In general, the larger, wider and better the material of the wheel, the better the shock absorption effect. Of course, such a stroller cannot be folded in principle. Even when folded it is large. Suitable if you are traveling with strong workers or if straight stairs bother you.

2. Umbrella stroller/light stroller

Umbrella strollers are characterized by the fact that they are lightweight and easy to fold.

However, the backrest of the stroller provides less support and is generally not recommended until your baby can sit independently (after 7 months). Umbrella strollers are becoming increasingly popular during travel and in the summer. The main reason is that it folds easily and is therefore easy to carry. It is also lightweight, making it suitable for older people who have to look after children.


Stroller with excellent shock absorption.

Ideal for outdoor activities such as long walks, running, climbing and hiking for children. Families who love outdoor activities and like to play sports while the children are out and about should consider purchasing such a model. However, if your child likes to wave or has access to fast-spinning wheels, we don’t recommend purchasing this. Considering the road conditions and air quality in Japan, as well as the fact that many elderly people walk with their children, the main purpose of this type of stroller is to keep them cool.

4. Travel system

Mothers who are preparing for pregnancy or are pregnant should consider a combination stroller.

The great thing about this type of stroller is that it is both a stroller and a baby carrier, meaning you can safely take your newborn home with you. A deciding factor when purchasing is whether the carrier is suitable for your car model, for example whether the interface is ISOFIX or LATCH compatible. This type of stroller is usually expensive due to the large number of parts, so you can also choose a baby carrier + umbrella stroller/standard stroller. The first is used when the child is less than 7 months old, and the second – after the child can already sit independently.

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