Why do we need a baby crib?

When your baby sleeps at night, the best way is to “same room but different bed”.


Parents can prepare a crib for their baby, which will not only help the baby establish good sleeping habits, but also allow parents and babies to have their own space.


The American Academy of Pediatrics’ revised Safe Sleep Environment Program for Children recommends that infants and young children sleep in the same room as their parents but in separate beds.


The crib space is relatively small, which can improve the baby’s sense of security and help ensure the sleep quality of the baby and parents.


Sleeping in a crib can also prevent babies from being accidentally crushed when their parents roll over, or from being suffocated by having their faces blocked by pillows or quilts. Therefore, parents can place the crib next to the big bed, which will not hinder the care of the baby and ensure their own sleep.


A crib is very important, but for parents, especially novice parents, it is too difficult to choose a suitable crib. They don’t know anything, and they don’t know what kind of crib to buy?


What to do? How to choose a crib suitable for your baby? Please follow our next blog.

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